Stick Boy Bread Co. is a family-owned and operated bakery creating handcrafted breads one loaf at a time. All of our breads are made from scratch in small batches and baked in our kitchen using time-honored techniques and all natural ingredients. When you buy a loaf of Stick Boy bread, we believe that you’re buying the freshest and most flavorful bread in town.


View our Current Bread Schedule below for more information about our artisan breads. Click here to learn more about our baking methods.

Keys to Bread Enjoyment:

1). Crusty breads including our French Baguette and French Batard are best eaten on the same
day they are made. If you want to save them for more than a day, wrap them in plastic wrap and put
them in a cool place. To restore the crispy crust of our bread, place the loaf directly in a 350º oven for 5
to 10 minutes.

2). Soft breads like our Sandwich White, Honey Wheat, or Spinach Feta are best stored in a
plastic bag and put in a cool place.

3). Even though our bread is available sliced, it will keep longer if you only slice it as you need it.

4). Although bread is better fresh, it does freeze well. Simply seal it in a freezer bag– it will last
for weeks. If you have a frozen unsliced loaf and want to thaw it, pull it from the freezer
and set it on the counter a few hours before you need to use it.